Sister Projects

The HAC is not the only exciting building project going on in Whangarei right now. Work is about to begin on the interactive sculptural Camera Obscura project. Sited on The Hatea Loop walk near the award winning Te Matau ā Pohe Bascule Bridge, visitors will enter into a camera obscura room where the bridge and the immediate environment will be naturally projected in through a small hole in the wall. This is a new take on an old idea, camera obscura has been around since the 16th century.


Also on the Hatea Loop we are thrilled with the progress on the Hihiaua, Whangarei’s exciting new Māori cultural centre

The Hihiaua Cultural Centre Trust’s vision is for a unique and iconic, world class centre of excellence to preserve, create, display & promote Māori arts and culture. Plans include a performance stage, conference centre & theatre, and an exhibition hall.