Amazing ceramics

Photos of the column production in Germany are beginning to pop up on our facebook page HundertwasserHQ.

These columns are designed by Hundertwasser and produced by his partner of many years for all ceramic used in Hundertwasser architecture projects around the world. They are being hand produced by Ebinger-Schnass family enterprise now in their third generation. Hundertwasser developed his special design of columns and their colours with the founder Heinz and Lies Ebinger. In the 80’s he developed a technique of applying the natural and special colours in order to achieve a multi-layered cloudy surface of the glaze.

Hundertwasser said: “The column is a Western element of Occidental architecture. Next to a column one feels well, like under a tree.”

A column must be beautiful, multi-coloured and shine in the rain and the moon light out of its own power. The ceramic columns are an integral part of Hundertwasser architecture projects. They are due for delivery later this year.